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Store Barsbøl

The first government estate, Store Barsbøl near Jels
36 government estates in Southern Jutland witness the period of German rule from 1864 to 1920. Some of them are well preserved. Although occupation, settlement and struggles for land perhaps sound more familiar in other parts of the world, it was harsh reality in Southern Jutland less than a century ago. 36 government estates remain today as witness to the period of German rule. The first government estate was Store Barsbøl near Jels, acquired in 1896 when it was sold by court order. Read more

Pot-grown Christmas trees
Pot-grown Christmas trees are a relatively new product, which is becoming increasingly popular. Pot-grown trees have minimal needle drop and can be planted in the garden after use. Read more

Holiday Cottages
The estate "Store Barsbøl" are renting holiday cottages at the Jels Lakes. blble estate and the cottages are quite lonely situated in the beautiful and peaceful surrounding of lakes and forest. Read more

Catch a pike of over 12 kg?
But of course, you can still enjoy a fun day of fishing even though the record-breaking fish eludes you. Read more

Holiday Cottages:
Søvej 7A
Søvej 7B
Søvej 9
Søvej 38A
Søvej 38B
Getting there
Store Barsbøl . Søvej 11, Jels . DK - 6630 Rødding . Tel.: +45 20 46 36 55 . Tel.: +45 74 55 10 11 . Mail: