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Store Barsbøl

Store Barsbøl near Jels

Store Barsbøl’s peaceful, historic buildings are situated in natural surroundings close to Jels Lake and Barsbøl Woods. The estate is presently owned by Rasmus and Lene Gejlager.

The first government estate
36 government estates in Southern Jutland witness the period of German rule from 1864 to 1920. Some of them are well preserved. Although occupation, settlement and struggles for land perhaps sound more familiar in other parts of the world, it was harsh reality in Southern Jutland less than a century ago. 36 government estates remain today as witness to the period of German rule. The first government estate was Store Barsbøl near Jels, acquired in 1896 when it was sold by court order.

Following the war of 1864, the area of Southern Jutland was annexed to Prussia and the slow process of integration into the German Empire began. The population, however, remained Danish at heart and, although the voting laws were gradually changed in favour of the area’s more German-minded citizens and an ever increasing number of public-sector employees were obliged to pledge allegiance to the German Emperor, the transition from Danish to German proceeded at a sedate pace.

In the 1890s, the rate of Germanisation was speeded up. Suppression of the Danish-minded became more pronounced and many young people chose to leave Southern Jutland and moved across the new border to Denmark. Such migration was strongly promoted by the strict German rules on national conscription, and in the years leading up to the First World War many moved to Denmark to avoid being drafted into the German military.

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Store Barsbøl . Søvej 11, Jels . DK - 6630 Rødding . Tel.: +45 20 46 36 55 . Tel.: +45 74 55 10 11 . Mail: